Dear Customer,

United  Lawn Irrigation, LLC has been in business for over a decade in Sussex County. 
Proudly serving our customers by providing beautiful green lawns and lush shrubs and beds.
We use only the finest products in the irrigation industry.  When we design an automatic sprinkler system we start with a custom design and follow through with quality installation.  We use the proper gallon per minute ratio which provides a highly efficient low precipitation and that in turn conserves water.  We provide an electronic under ground irrigation sprinkler system for lawn and shrub beds.

Every property is unique and different from any other, and our design plan always takes this into account.

We install, maintain and repair all systems
We do a spring startup, run a test cycle to all electronic valve sprinkler heads and check for any malfunctions
We make sure there is a properly adjusted programmed controller box
We reset any rain sensor device as needed

In the fall we initiate a fall winterization program and if we find any faulty or malfunctioning electronic valves we will notify the customer.

                                          -  We do not require a contract to service your lawn irrigation system
                                          -  There is no monthly visit program
                                          -   Only the customer will authorize a service call when it is needed

United Lawn Irrigation, LLC will give you the freedom that you deserve.
Our commitment and dedication to our customers is important to us.
Customer satisfaction is something we hold in the highest regard.

We will always provide the highest standard of practice in carrying out our work.


United Lawn Irrigation, LLC.



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